Monday, January 7, 2013

I Am Complete

A friend of mine told me that she begins this year with a resolution: to upgrade herself physically.

“It isn’t I’m uncomfortable with my body right now,” she told me, ”But we are living in a cruel world, dear. Everything starts from the eyes”.

I smiled at her, looking at her nearly-perfect-figure. Of course she was talking about boys. We were talking about boys before the sentence came out from her mouth.

I, myself, begin this year by being attracted by a guy whom I spent several days with. A boy that I told my friend I decided to forget for some reasons. It is not he likes me back anyway. Ha! But somehow this year begins with a highlight of relationship issue. My friends told me they want boyfriends, I told them the same, and suddenly it becomes the main topic. It’s like this is the year when we should worry about not having a boyfriend. I don’t know. Haha…

If you asked me what I want this year, of course the boyfriend thing would come up on my list. Like I need one this year. But somehow there is a voice inside my heart telling me that it is not what I need, it is just something that I want.

I believe there is something wrong with person who thinks that singleness means incomplete. But I still do think that way most of the time. I feel myself incomplete; while singleness must be means you can have the fullest of yourself on your own. And this is the resolution I make this year: to feel complete on my own, and it means to content myself with God.

It’s hard. Instead of praying ‘God, give me a boyfriend this year,’ I must learn to pray, ’God make me satisfied by You and only You’. 


  1. That's very mature thinking of you! :)Trust me, 'the right' life companion will come along the way, at the right time :)