Thursday, September 15, 2016

savor the simplest

It is a small way in delivering the love that makes a huge difference.

I can’t remember when the last time my dad do the ‘fixing-things’ at home. Do the plumbing, change the lamp, repair a leaky roof—I can’t picture him doing those things, may be when I was little—may be the memories of him did those kind of works are buried at the back of my mind.

But tonight was quite different. My dad brought home a new door lock. My bathroom’s door lock was broken for quite a while, actually I pretty used to it by now. So tonight, when I was busy watching the latest episode of my favorite Korean drama, he fixed my bathroom’s lock. I didn’t realize at first, but after some time and some ‘click’ and ‘clack’, I realized that my dad was doing something in my bathroom. Later, when I went to the bathroom, I realize there was this brand new lock attached on my door.

It was simple. It wasn’t a grand gesture. Or even a heroic one.

It’s just a lock.

My dad was just fixing a lock. Something that any handyman can do.

But here is the thing that makes it quite different: He didn’t ask someone to fix it. He did it himself. For me.

There is a huge difference when you pay someone to deliver a bouquet of flower to your love instead of giving it to her yourself. There is a huge difference when you ask someone to drive your son to school instead of driving him yourself. There is a huge difference when you hire someone to teach your kids, instead of teaching them yourself.

Those differences in how you deliver your love affects how the others feel about it. And now whenever I look at my new door lock, I smile a little bit :)

Cheers for the love!