Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Hide and Seek with God

Several days ago I watched my father, my little sister, and my little brother played a hide and seek. It was quite fun though I didn’t join them. It reminded me about my childhood, when I used to do the hide and seek with my sisters and cousins. I still remember the thrill, the tension as I seek for a hiding place while the other one are counting. The heartbeats that pound through my ribcage as I wait for the other to find me.

As I watched them played, I thought, may be this hide and seek game represents my relationship with God. Sometimes I run away from Him, it doesn’t mean that I stop praying or read His words, it’s just sometimes I feel that I loose my intimacy with Him. And as I do the hiding part, He always looking for me.

Sometimes I hide far away, searching for the best place to hide—the best place to be alone. Sometimes I hide nearby, but stubbornly cover myself from Him. But hiding always gives me fear, like a child that worries to be found, I feel uneasy while hiding from Him. And when I can’t contain my fear and anxiety anymore, I’ll give up, I’ll quit my hiding place and cry for Him. But the best part of this hide and seek with God is, usually He will find me first. I know He will, cause He is the best seeker ever. 

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