Wednesday, January 16, 2013


My little sister very fond of this video, and she still watch it over and over again until today. I suggest you watch it first before you continue reading this post.

I remember the first time my sister watched it, she asked me ‘What is grace?’

How do you explain grace to an eight-year-old girl? I answered grace is when you get something good you don’t deserve. I don’t know if that is a good explanation or not and I don’t know if she get it or not either, but I found that this video is interesting for her. May be because the law of human doesn’t occur here.

I still watch this video with her sometimes, and it reminds me a lot that the salvation we get really is something we don’t work for. And how it is such a great blessing to know Him and accept Him as my one and only savior. Come to think of God’s grace, I realize it defies human understanding. And I know only Him can do such incredible thing. Only Him can give His life to save the sinners.

These days lately, one of my friends talks a lot about grace. Little things that we might miss. Little things that we might not pay attention to. Like the air we breathe, the rain we complained for, or even our health. And I’ve been reminded that grace is a little big things God never forget to give us.

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