Saturday, April 30, 2011


This crime series drives me crazy. I love this series since the first time I watch it. The seventh season is aired now, and it makes me skip Provocative Proactive- my favorite TV Show, every Thursday night. Somehow, I can’t stop watching it and always want more.

The casts are great, and I always want to be one of them. They pictured their bond as a team so well. I can’t choose my favorite character in this series, because I love them all! I like Sid, a medical examiner with his unique glasses; Danny when he says his ‘BOOM’; Mac with his integrity; Adam who usually nervous around authority figures; Don Flack a homicide detective who usually chasing the culprit on the street; dr. Sheldon Hawkes a doctor who work at the crime scene (to be honest, I want to do his job so much!); and of course, the brave and strong Lindsay. Too bad that Melina Kanakaredes, can’t play in season 7, I like her playing Stella a lot. But, Sela Ward who takes her place isn’t bad though. In fact, her character as Jo Danville is so strong. At the first time, I think no one can replace Stella as Mac’s partner, but after I saw her, I think she is the best replacement they can have.

What’s good about this series, it doesn’t just give you story about crime, but sometimes there are something to be learnt. I always like it, when a movie or film can deliver one or some life lessons to the audience. It means that it worth to watch.

Well, hope that this series will last forever ;D Never get bored of it!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thank me! ;)

Pernahkah kalian merasa belum melakukan apa-apa saat telah memberikan sesuatu? Pernahkah kalian merasa apa yang kalian lakukan terlalu kecil dan tidak berarti? Well, saya pernah, dan mungkin… sedang merasakannya.

Saya suka menulis, tapitidak pernah berani bercita-cita jadi penulis. Saya tidak pernah merasa tulisan saya bagus atau layak dibaca. Biasanya, saya malah merasa aneh saat membaca ulang tulisan saya.
Beberapa bulan yang lalu saya mencoba menulis untuk program #22hari220cerita, sebuah program sosial dari Indonesia Bercerita. Saya tidak pernah mengharapkan apa pun ketika mengirimkan cerita tersebut. Namun, di luar harapan saya, cerita anak dari program tersebut kini malah akan dibukukan! Dan saya mendapat kehormatan untuk menjadi salah satu kontributornya. Tentu saja saya senang, hobi saya bisa berguna untuk anak-anak Indonesia. Lalu, mulai terlintas dalam pikiran saya… Mungkin saya bisa menjadi penulis?

Tapi, tunggu dulu…
Sebuah pertanyaan muncul di kepala saya. Apa tidak berlebihan ya kalau saya merasa segembira ini? Apa saya sudah cukup memberi sesuatu yang berarti? Apa saya sudah selangkah lebih dekat untuk menjadi penulis? Mungkin belum. Tapi yang jelas saya ingin mengapresiasi diri saya atas apa yang telah saya lakukan. Merasa sombong itu salah, tapi saya rasa memberi penghargaan kepada diri sendiri itu baik. Mungkin hari ini kalian melakukan hal yang kecil, tapi berangkat dari hal kecil sesuatu bisa menjadi besar kan?
Appreciate yourself!

Oh iya, terima kasih Indonesia Bercerita buat buku #22haribercerita nya:)

Everything small, doesn't have to be small.
It can be...

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Saturday, April 2, 2011

This is my country

There is too much going on in Indonesia

atural disaster


fficials who love to corrupt.

eedy population

xtravagant government

ocial inequality

mproper minister

bandoned children and patients

But, thank God we still have:

slands from Sabang to Merauke

atural resources

iversity awareness

ne unifier language

ational heritage

xtremely fertile soil

pectacular natural beauty

ndonesian youth that still have optimism for this country

lot of different cultures

I Want to Believe

I really want to believe that this isn’t a goodbye
That this is just a moment when we have to say ‘see you later’ to each other
That this is just like time when we have to be apart after school
and we’ll meet again in the next morning
Only this time, we don’t know when or where it is…
I want to believe that someday, somewhere, we’ll meet each other
In the way that we even can’t imagine
We will share our stories of life
We will sit together and laugh as we look back into this time
Smile to each other, and for a second we can say that nothing has changed
That thing is exactly the same as today
Yes, we being pulled into different directions
Everyone has to take their own way in this crossroads
I want to believe that whatever directions that we have chosen will take us to the same destination
I want to believe that we can be together forever
Living our bitter sweet life as one family