Monday, September 19, 2011

The Best Gift

Had my birthday yesterday, kind of happy, kind of sad. Time really never slow down, one time you were a child, played with others, didn't care about anything else except for school, then when you open your eyes again, here you are, at the end of your teenage life, wondering and worrying what you'll become and what future lies ahead. But I'll put that aside for this post.

Yesterday I got the best present ever! No, not a car. Not a macbook air which I want to have. And definitely not a new bedroom. It is not something big, but it definitely make my heart blown away. It is just a small red little notebook from my little eight year old brother. What makes it really special is because I never expect anything from him.

I never ask, yet he gave it to me with all the money he had.

I don't care if the money is from my parents, what I know is he treasure the money as his and he bought me a present with it. I've never felt like this before. Felt so honored and so loved. Now I know that a heart full of love is the best gift ever.