Friday, February 17, 2012


I’m standing here
White shirts, grey skirts, they are every where
And suddenly the picture of us came across
You with guitar on your back
Me with glasses and a bunch of books
Do you remember?
They called us a joke

When prince charming met the bore

But here we were
Ignoring the mocks
Defying the rule of caste
Proofing that we were equal
Denying that I am a zilch to you

Remember our first kiss?
School backyard, 5 pm
You told me that I am your universe
A princess trapped in a body of nerd
Should I believe?
Is fairy tale come true?
All I know was you were there
Real and touchable and warm
And that’s enough

Back to the present
Seeing them with backpacks
I hope I could turn back time
Dear, the fifteen year old me
There is no such thing as sweet words
Or a passionate kiss
And all he ever told you were deceits
To show the world that you are a fool
And prove that he was the champ

For I was a loser
But I’ll prove you were wrong
All I need now is a little revenge
To remind you that we are different
Look what an ugly duckling can change into
And a trump can collapse into
Life is just a fair stage
And for the pain you gave me
I have no regrets, cause it made me stronger

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