Saturday, February 18, 2012

Joshua 1:5b

I saw this picture when I was blog walking as usual, and for some reasons it feels heart-warming. Maybe cause lately it’s been super hectic. Many things going on my mind: mid block exam, proposal seminar that I have to attend, my own proposal for final task (I just heard there is this new regulation that our final task have to be published on scientific journal—what a life!), and as if those haven’t enough, let me introduce you to the giant: SOCA. This SOCA thing is a test at the end of every grade, and I really hate it. Not only because it makes me to study a lot, it is depressing cause I have to do a presentation ALONE. I never like to do a public speaking, especially in front of two doctors.

Well, enough for the complaints. When I saw the verse, it reminds me a lot. I am pretty sure that I tend to hang on myself lately. I am worrying a lot of things; how good can I score?; Will my proposal go well?; Can I pass SOCA?; and so on. I also start doubting myself. Can I do good enough? Am I in the right track? Thank God I know the answer right now: just hang on HIM, cause HE never leave me alone.  

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