Friday, March 1, 2013

One kind of love

I am helping some people these days. Not holding-the-elevator-door or picking-somebody’s-thing-up kind of helps. But the helps that took quite amount of my time so I start asking myself for the reasons. Why I help those people? It occurs to me that I get nothing from helping them. It’s just I want to and I volunteered.

As I think about my reasons. I realize that help—like love, doesn’t require any reason. In fact, help is a form of love. And when you love, you give. And this includes giving your energy, your time, and your heart. Giving help.

Helping someone gives you peace. And though the person you are helping gives nothing to you, you gain something in your heart—you are being a better person. When you help, something happens in your heart. And when that thing happens, God smiles. 

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  1. and one of those 'some people' is me! :D hihi.. thank you!