Friday, March 22, 2013

A cup of care

Sometimes things just don’t go as we want to. Plans fail. Hopes collapse. Your efforts don’t do any good. Then we get disappointed. We cry. Get mad. And ask God why.

Life is just like that. At some point you’ll stop and get your heart broken. You won’t know anything to do. And all you want is curl up on your bed, sipping a cup of tea. Hoping that you can forget everything.

But that just won’t happen. Your problems are real, there is nothing can make it disappear. You need more than a cup of tea. You need a cup of care. And somehow there is someone who always cares. He cares. Your Father cares. God cares.

It isn’t easy to feel His concerns, but you’ll know. You’ll know when there is still someone who wipes your tears. When there is still somebody who makes you laugh even he/she doesn’t know your problems. You’ll know when there is someone listens to you and tell you everything going to be all right. You’ll know cause somehow you manage to stand even if your world crumbles.

He cares. In the midst of your problems he cares. He provides. He loves. Through people He puts in your life. Through every little surprise. You are still in His hands. Always.

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