Tuesday, November 5, 2013

perks of loving her

He told her that he loves her sincerely, that his love expects nothing from her. Yet he knows it is the most impossible thing to do. His love isn’t that glorious, and noble, and selfless. He wants all of her to be his. Simply because he isn’t a God, but mere a human. A living thing who has needs. And among those needs, there is love. There is she.

He didn’t quite realize when his feelings start to have wings. Soaring by itself. And he starts to need an effort to tame it. He wishes he were the one who colored her day. Who wiped her tears away when things get rough. Because she is special. Someone who makes his heart sing a tune he never heard. Someone really dear to him.

It was an afternoon. And he starts to realize. He expects her. Completely.

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