Sunday, November 10, 2013

beyond the scoreboard

So yesterday my little brother took part in a robotic competition. It was semifinal—and there’s only one spot left at the final. My brother’s team against another. It was draw at first. But, in the end, my brother’s team won the match. As the other team loosing the game, they shook my brother’s hand. My brother stood still for a second; he didn’t expect such act to come. “Well, that’s weird. Why did they shake my hand? They are losing after all,”  my brother asked my mom.

I don’t know the answer my mom gave to him. But as I heard this, I remember when I was high school, I had a PE teacher who says that sport is noble. It is decent, as there is no occasion except in sport when you shake your opponent’s hand after the last whistle blown. You become rival during the match—do your best to win and make them loose, but after the game, you are friends. That’s the honorable spirit of the sports.

Don’t we tend to forget this kind of attitude nowadays? When we loose an argue, we get mad. When someone is better than us, we get upset and we envy that person. My brother is raised in Christian family, goes to a Christian school, attends Sunday school every week. He prays every night, he knows Jesus since he can remember, and he reads bible. A label ‘Christian’ is on him. Yet he stunned by the act of his rival—a genuine handshake to compliment him. Should this kind of act amaze a Christian?

No. It shouldn’t. On the other hand, A Christian should use to this kind of attitude, shouldn’t he? To love your enemy, to respect your opponent, to admit your losing and compliment them who deserve to win. To be humble. And to be meek. It should become our identity as a Christian, it should be in our vein.

It’s not about the scoreboard after all, it’s about how we act during—and after the game. You may loose the match, but don’t loose the attitude.

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