Sunday, October 20, 2013

more than you can take

At some points in your life you will face problems. Big problems. Problems you think bigger than you can take.

And when you tell someone or some people about it, they’ll say: “Be patient, God won’t give you problems more than you can stand.” An answer that makes you wants to yell at their face. “Forget that wise-religious-idealist answer, you don’t have any idea what I am going through”.

Your problems are there. Bigger than you can think. Greater than you can take. And you’ll think, you can't stand it anymore.

But isn’t that the point of all your problems? Isn’t the thought of ‘I can’t stand this anymore. This is bigger than what I can take’ the point of all you’ve been through? You can’t take those alone, that’s why you need GOD. Your problems are bigger than what you can stand, that’s why you need GOD who is bigger than anything.

Depend on GOD.
Than you’ll stand.

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