Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Dearest you,

Sorry it took a while for me to write this. Sorry for doing nothing on your birthday other than texting you my wishes. It’s to bad we don’t have any chance to meet up. Thank you for this picture you sent to me on my birthday,

I couldn’t think of any sweet things to give to you, so I decided to write. Thank you for being my best friend—my partner in almost everything on junior and senior high. Working together with you is always effortless. Like I can do tugas apa aja sama lu dan pasti beres dengan hasil memuaskan, haha… I really miss those days anyway, when we spontaneously are on the same group without saying a word.

Thank you for being the only friend I feel comfortable with in silence, like I don’t have to bring up any topics when we don’t have one. It’s okay to stay quiet with you for hours, and I won’t feel awkward. Six years going to the same school with you, and spent five years in the same class was a blessing. Hope someday, somewhere, when we’re getting older we still can share those stories of us.

Happy birthday to you my dearest fella, be the best that you can be. Find that one dream you want to catch. And find the mr. nice guy of yours :P

p.s: check your mail box tomorrow afternoon. no, not your e-mail inbox, but the mail box in front of your house.

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