Friday, July 5, 2013

The Captain

I was spending a night at a plane. The weather was considerably good, and I was asleep until the captain made an annoucement that there would be a turbulance. When the seatbelt sign appeared, I was expecting a rough flight. But, surprisingly the jolt was mild enough that I barely woke up. Several minutes later the seatbelt sign was turned off, the flight ran smooth until another jolt woke me up. This time the jolt was rough, and I was quite scared. I took a peek to the seatbelt sign, but it was turned off. There was no light, no warning. But the jolt was really rough and I got worry. Then I think, if the captain didn't make any annoucement, and if he didn't feel that it's important to turn the sign on, that so be it. Didn't it mean that he was confident that everything was under his control? Everything would be alright I whispered to myself.

I realize things like this didn't happen only on that night. When circumstances getting bad, and I feel my world crumbles, I start to worry too. Too often I don't trust Him as the pilot of my life. Too often I doubt the captain. He says don't worry, but I got scared. He says everything will be okay, but I still have a second guess. He is the pilot. He knows the field. Trust Him.

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