Monday, July 22, 2013

Cheer Up!

Belakangan ini kayaknya lagi banyak banget ya teman yang sedih. The thing is, manusia terluka. It could be your dearest friend, it could be someone you care the most, it could be your girlfriend or boyfriend, it could be your family, it could be the person who laugh the loudest, it could be you.

Saya kadang bertanya-tanya, berapa kali saya melihat orang tertawa, tapi dihati orang itu ternyata tersimpan luka. She/he laughed a bitter laugh. She/he could be laughing so hard outside, but crying inside. Like an oxymoron.

I may not know what problems you suffer now. What pain makes you cry and bitter. But remember, when your problems get too heavy for you to carry by yourself, you always can share it to someone. Bawa beban bareng-bareng akan lebih ringan dibanding bawa sendiri, kan? J

Moreover, you’ll never be alone. Your Father loves you too much to let you go through tough things alone. He loves you too much to let you bear the wound alone. Trust Him, He sticks around. 

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