Wednesday, August 14, 2013

To Suffer, Then Obey

Masalah. Siapa sih yang nggak punya? Bahkan banyak dari kita yang sering berkata,”Duh, masalah gue seabrek banget”, “Kenapa nggak ada habisnya sih masalah? Selesai satu, ada lagi yang lain”. Ada beragam masalah, beragam juga responnya. Ada yang ngeluh, ada yang cepat putus asa, ada yang jadi sedih terus-terusan, ada yang jadi makin dekat sama Tuhan, tapi banyak juga yang jadi jauh.

Renungan saya semalam membahas tentang Ibrani 5:8. “Although he was a son, he learned obedience through what he suffered.” Even Jesus suffered. But through His sufferings, He learned to obey. Yesus menggunakan penderitaannya untuk belajar taat.

TAAT. Belakangan ini saya juga lagi belajar banget untuk taat. As we grow up, our challenge to obey, isn’t mere ‘to cheat or not to cheat in class’, it isn’t mere ‘to violate the traffic light or not’ either. As we grow, the obstacles will be more difficult, until it comes to obey in your sufferings.

I realize when difficulties come, I start to compromise things. Saya tahu apa yang baik—apa yang seharusnya saya lakukan, apa yang Tuhan mau saya lakukan, tapi sering banget saya berkompromi. “Tapi Tuhan, kondisi saya kan lagi begini—lagi banyak masalah, masih harus taat juga?” atau “Tuhan, dia aja begitu, masa saya harus begini?”. Masalah sering kali jadi alasan untuk nggak taat. Masalah jadi alasan untuk nggak saat teduh, untuk nggak ngobrol sama Tuhan. Bahkan, mungkin kita pernah mendengar ada yang berkata,”Gue lagi kecewa sama Tuhan” atau,”Gue lagi jauh nih sama Tuhan”. Masalah, jadi alasan kita untuk kecewa terhadap Tuhan. Dan gawatnya, sering kali kita merasa hal tersebut adalah hal yang wajar. It’s okay to withdraw from God once in a while, especially when you’re sick of your problems. Don’t you realize? When you think that’s normal, you let satan win.

Max Lucado on his book “Tells me Those Secrets” wrote in a chapter named The Secret of Victory, a story of “The Song of the King”.

Three knights are given a quest by the prince that the first knight to journey through the dangerous forest of Hemlock and arrive at the king’s castle will be granted the hand of the princess. The Hopenots infest the forest and attack travelers who foolishly pass through their domain. The only way to find their way through the forest is to listen for the king’s tune played on a flute three times a day. This will lead them in the right direction. Only one other person knows the tune, and that is the prince giving them the quest. Each knight is allowed to choose one companion to go with them. One knight is strong, one is fast, and the last is smart. The problem is… the Hopenots imitate. So the knight that will complete the quest must be able to know the king’s song completely and follow it. False flutes might blow but he would be able to recognize the one, true song. Temptation might play a pretty tune, so we must truly know God’s song so we will follow it.

To know God’s song means to follow Jesus.  When Jesus suffered, what did He do? He learned to obey. Your suffering is your battlefield to learn to obey. Taat yang nggak pakai tapi-tapian. Taat yang nggak peduli kondisi hati kita sedang bagaimana. Taat ditengah penderitaan. To suffer, then to obey.

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