Tuesday, August 13, 2013

It is enough

It was night. The light was off. The music was on. I dropped two drips of aromatherapy as usual and took a candle. But, that night, it took me long enough to lit the candle. It was the match, I stroke the match, and it didn’t lit. As I tried to strike it again for several times and it still didn’t lit, I was wondering, ‘what will I read today? What will I hear that takes a lot of effort like this?’, I took another match and tried again and it still won’t lit. But just as I wanted to give up, the match lit, and I can light the candle.

I let the music flew. I let the darkness surrounded me, and I let the candle to be my only source of light. Soon, the scent of frangipani and jasmine from the aromatherapy filled the room.

It was calm. Serene. Then I opened my book, and I read. I knew it wasn’t an ordinary night. It was one of several nights when the words you read touched your heart so dearly. It was one of several nights when you cried out of relief, when you smiled because you know He always understands.

It was these words that night:
When you feel that the people who should love you don’t love you. When you feel that those people do not give enough time to you. When you feel that they don’t care about you. When you ask yourself “Is there someone who love me?” Look at the cross and you’ll know the answer. Jesus loves you. He died for you. How dare you say that you’re unwanted? Jesus loves you so much. Isn’t it enough?

It felt peaceful when I read those words. And I know some of my friends who are having problems. And I think maybe this reminder can help you. It helps me after all.

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