Saturday, June 22, 2013

A Shoulder

What’s more comfortable than a shoulder to lean on at the midst of your storm? When I can’t laugh my problems away and when the tears are welling up, leaning on His shoulder sounds perfect. Like, “God, can I take a rest for a second? I’m tired”. And it does feel nice.

When I lean on His shoulder and all I say is I want to give up, He whispers,”Hey, it’s not over yet. You have to fight a little bit more. Try harder.—No, Let us fight together.”

I know he is Someone who never watches from outside the ring. He is here, inside my battlefield. Taking the pain I take, feeling the sore I feel. Telling me which move I should take. And knowing this makes me better. Because I know I’m not alone. Because I know I’m not struggling by myself. Because I know I have a God that never loses a battle. Not a single one.

If you feel like falling apart, try to lean on His shoulder. Tell Him your story, your complaints, your sorrow, and listen. Listen to whatever He says. It'll be good.

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