Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Date With Myself

I love sitting in a restaurant or café and look around, creating different stories of different people I see in my mind. Like today. After a stressful three days in a row of exams I promise myself a date. And now, I am sitting on couch in a café, wondering about how’s life going for an old man I’ve just met.

Maybe today is his first retirement day and he has no idea what to do. His son is too busy at work, his grandchildren is at school, his daughter in law is out there somewhere having a mingle dingle reunion with another housewife. He looks confused, didn’t really have an idea for the food he was ordering, and at some point he wish he can still working. He know that his hand are not as strong as before, his eyes getting blurry, and he forgetting things much more than yesterday. Maybe at time like this he’s missing his long gone wife.

Then I saw a mother and an elementary child. Maybe today is the last day of his son's final exam, and this young mother decided to take his son to buy a toy. She know that her money is on the line, but his son already study very hard this week. And once in a while, she wanted to make his son really really happy. This is her way telling her beloved son ‘Good job boy, you did very well’.

As I see around and making stories in my head. I wonder what story will come out of me when someone saw me. A lonely little girl maybe, with no friend to talk to, haha… But I really enjoy going out by myself like this. Yes I’m an introvert. A proud introvert J

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