Sunday, June 16, 2013

Getting Lost

So last Friday I went to Puncak with three of my friends. There was quite a queue on our way home, so we took several alternative routes on highway. But, somehow we got lost. We ended up near Tanjung Priok Port and have no idea where to go. It’s a place that we all have never been before. It was getting dark outside and the traffic jam was so terrible we couldn’t found our way back quick.

It was quite funny that we got lost on our way back from Puncak. It’s a usual route and still we lost the course. As I think about it, I realize we do things like that too in our life. We think we know the track—the right way, then we start to try this and that, here and there to find something new. Like a child eagers to explore something new. We get excited until one point we starting to realize that we ‘re far away from the right path. Then we start panicking. And at time like this, we use our GPS. Thank God, there is a GPS for our life too—His words. As we’re getting scared and tired, we start to obey whatever direction the GPS tells us to take. No second-guesses, no doubts. And at some point here, we learn to trust. To believe Him. And I think, it’s good to get lost sometimes. :P 

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