Saturday, April 6, 2013

Dear you,

They say people come and go, but memory lasts forever. I don’t think so. Memories fade. I don’t remember you as clear as before. Your image is getting blurry in my head. But still, forgetting you is impossible. Even if we’ve parted for years. Even if we’ve stopped talking for ages.

Your voice lingers in my head, your laugh stays. The way you treat me, the way you walk, stand, and eat won’t go away. And even if I start forgetting you, you appear in my dream. Or somehow, just pop-up in my head. So, forgive me, I’ll never forget you even if you want to.

I still remember the day we sit side by side; you asked me questions about physics until the bell rang. I still remember the day you look at me in front of the class when it’s time to go home. It was too long, too deep, and I still don’t know the reason until today. You didn’t tell me that day and just walked out the door. I’ve tried really hard to forget you, really, really hard. But, my heart still skips a beat when someone calls your name. And it still races whenever I hear about you.

Every chat with you was a miracle. A treasure I want to keep forever. And I am tired forgetting you. So, let me put you in this tiny box in the corner of my heart. A box that I can open whenever I want. A box that contains every memories of us. A box that stays there, even if I’ve got a lot of bigger boxes, even if you’ve found your own happiness. A box that remains forever.

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