Sunday, April 7, 2013

And then, we choose

I think life isn’t a multiple choices question. It isn’t mere A, B, C, and so on track we take, it can be in between or beyond all letters.

I remember having a hard time choosing my major in university before I end up choosing medicine. If there’s a time machine, may be I would reconsider taking med school for a thousand times.

But, when I look back and see how my life’s going, I’d say that it’s very interesting. I think, even if I take a wrong decision, it doesn’t ruin any of God plans. He still works in our life, opening new doors. New ways. God’s plan is bigger than our mistakes.

I’m getting excited. Though it’s still hazy, for some reasons I can see the light twinkling. Sometimes I think it would be great if I can take a peek on God’s master plan. But, God is very good at keeping His secret, doesn’t He? So I’ve to wait, and occasionally, getting confused all over again for the choices I’ve to make. But the best part is, He’ll lead me. And surprise me.

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