Friday, October 19, 2012

Still Dream of You

I can dream a thousand dreams. But dreams of you felt so real. I can feel the warmth of your hands as we touch. Feel your breath as you speak close to me. I even can feel my own heart beat pounding in my rib cage. I can hear your deep intoxicating voice, see the way you tilt your head and laugh like a child, enjoy your ignorant yet delightful smile. I miss you so bad, don’t I?

It has been five years since our first meeting, since I pronounced your name for the first time, since you made a new nickname for me. It’s been four years since we were not in a same class, since we only met during art class and when the school is over. It’s been two years since I saw you carried your backpack, and enjoyed your music on stage. It’s been a year since our coincidence meeting at a plaza.

It’s been a long time but I still dream of you. And dreams of you felt so real like no other dreams ever. I miss you, don’t I? Or you are just a toy of my mind, appearing again and again and again?

As I wake up, I’ll feel hollow in my heart. And I’ll question if you ever dream of me or what you are up to now. Then a little tiny piece of reality will hit me right into my heart, we’ll never meet each other again. And I’ll try to forget you like the other days.

But still I’ll dream of you. And dreams of you felt so real I can feel the sparks as we touch. Then I’ll have to fight the urge for not waking up and drown forever in it. And I’ll start all over and over and over again.

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