Tuesday, January 28, 2014

somehow, you survive

Do you remember your first day at school? Those exciting-nervous feeling that kept you awoke the night before your first day? It would be your first day without your mom. Would it be all right? What if you want to use the bathroom? What if you can’t do the task your teacher asked you to do?

Remember your first day in elementary? Would it be a great six years—or not? Remember the anxious feeling when your homeroom teacher asked you to introduce yourself? Would you get a lot of friend? What if you’re bullied for years?

Then you moved to junior high. Remember the first feeling you’re falling in love? The feeling when those butterflies flying and jumping in your stomach. Then there’s your first argue with your parents. Remember those tears when you thought nobody understand you? You felt like you’re the outcast.

Then it passed. Or may be not really. You still argue with your parents—sometimes. But you’re getting used to it. Then you started dating, went to high school. Remember your first broke up with your boy/girlfriend? How did it feel? Like your world collapsed into pieces and you thought you couldn’t live without him/her. You cried overnight. You couldn’t even imagine a day without him/her.

But then everything was okay. Well, maybe not that okay. The wound stay there and still hurts sometimes, but you’re just fine. Then it’s the time for you to graduate.

It was your junior year at university and you started doubting your choice. What if this wasn’t the major you really want? What if you took the wrong direction? What if you’d be better if you chose something else?

But then you got your first degree. You started to look for a job. It was a catastrophe. Nobody told you it was that hard to find a job. You were rejected again and again. Until you felt that nobody wanted you. All doors were closed.

Then years later, you were in a quite good position. Then you met your significant other. Then you decided to marry him/her. And it was one night, when you reconsider your BIG decision. Would it be the right thing to do? It was a great commitment, could you put your life into it?

Two years later there was your first child. You were excited… and worried at the same time. Could the two of you raise that child properly? It was a child. Not a mere child… What if—

Hey, the questions and the worries won’t stop for the rest of your life. There will be another fears; there will be another thing to worry about. But do you realize that you always manage to overcome it? It may sounds hard, but somehow you survive. Look at where you’re standing now, and look back at your life, at those worries and fear you’ve been through. Seems so little, don’t they? And those things you afraid of and worry about in the future will become tiny too. Because somehow, you’ll survive.

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