Friday, February 8, 2013

Go Ahead, and Pray

A friend of mine called me last night. It was almost 11 PM, and I was preparing to sleep. My phone rang, and all I did was staring at it. Waited for it to stop. It was late and I was sleepy and tired. I assured myself that it wasn’t an urgent call. And as I asked her today, I felt relieved that it wasn’t. It’s just her seeking for advice in the middle of night. I told her I was asleep.

As I came with the excuse today, I thought of God. And how grateful I am to have a-24-hour God. A God who doesn’t have limitation. A God who willingly to hear any complains anytime and anywhere.  A God who can contain my anger and keep up with my stubbornness. A God who understands me and won’t protest when I talk too much.

He is the same God since I was kid, The God who heard me prayed about toys and cartoons; The God who listens while I worried about my future now. He is a God who sees you growing up. He is still the same God wherever you are. He is the same God who loves and always longs to hear your voice. He is a God—A Father, who is available 24/7. Always.

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