Monday, February 11, 2013

Big Simple Thing

It was lunch time, and my friend asked me if I there’s any member of my family who is being sick. Today is a world day of the sick for the Catholics and she said that she is going to pray at chapel later, so she asked me if there is something I want her to pray for. It was very heart-warming to hear that kind of question, to know that there is someone who is willing to pray for you in person. To know that there is someone remembering you in her prayer.

I remember several months ago, a friend of mine asked me to pray for him before his examination, and I remember answering him,‘Iya, iya, kalau inget ya’.  That night, I ended up praying for him. I don’t know if he passed his test, I don’t ask him for the result. But if he did pass, I wonder how much my prayer helped him. It’s like I do nothing for him. It’s not that he can feel the effect of my prayer either. When he passed the test, I am one hundred percent sure, he won't remember me. But come to think of it again today, I believe a prayer is one big simple thing you can give to the people you love.

I am wondering how many people pray for me—mention me by name in front of God, besides my family. Then I think of people who I’ve personally prayed for. Of course they don’t know I ever pray for them. It is good to think that I am kind of their secret guardian angel, hehe…

If you have someone you really care about, don’t hesitate to pray for him or her—to whisper his or her name so God can hear it. Because it’s good—really good, to know that someone, somewhere, is praying for you. 

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