Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Conquer Me

Conquer me, Mr. Right
Let my heart be yours
No need to be stronger
I could hire a bodyguard when I want one
No need to be smarter
That what scientists are for
No need to be wealthier
I’d rather marry a millionaire
No, put aside all of that crap
What I want is much more than that

Conquer me, Mr. Right
Make me kneel with all your might
Let me see the best of you
The you that stand still in the worst
That correct me when I wrong
That make me smile when I almost forgot how to
That hold my hand in the storm, say that we are just fine
And teach me how to dance through it
The you that make my little world freeze
And make me a princess for a little while

Conquer me, Mr. Right
Prove me I need you
Show me that double are better
For love is about sharing, caring, and listening
To understand and lift each other
To have someone to laugh, cry, and grow old with
And be the exact pair of lock and key
Conquer me, Mr. Right
Make me full of you

I am so not poetic, but this thing is just popped-up and won't go away until I wrote it :D

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