Thursday, May 14, 2015

until we try

“You must help him,” a friend of mine asked me. Her eyes were all gleaming with tears. For a brief moment I was stunned. Staring at her. Don’t know what to say. I have no idea if I can help him. I never have any idea that I can help him.

“You must help him,” she said it again. Twice. Begging this time. “Please”. I was still in my silence.

Maybe, I thought. Maybe too often we are just don’t realize things that we’re capable of. The truth that we can make a change. Maybe we are just sitting there all this time, waiting for something to happen. But, we don’t realize, that that something maybe won’t happen if we don’t make it happen.

Maybe we think that we are too tiny to make a difference, that we are powerless, incompetent, or too incapable to stand any chance. But the truth is we don’t know anything.
Not a single thing.
Until we try.
To make a change.

A difference.

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