Monday, March 31, 2014

The One

Where is my ‘the one’? Have you met your ‘the one’? What if she/he is not my ‘the one’?

Who is your ‘the one’ anyway? A man? A woman? Is your ‘the one’ even a person? What if your ‘the one’ is God?


Put aside those fairytale of Cinderella met her prince in a ball, or the magic kiss that unite Snow White with the love of her life. Have you ever, ever, ever think that our life is better than those stories? You don’t need to suffer like Cinderella, or ‘die’ like a Snow White, you don’t need to do anything to find ‘the one’, your ‘the one’ find you by himself.

So, instead of wondering where your ‘the one’ might be now, or question your partner whether she/he is ‘the one’, why don’t you prepare yourself to be ‘the one’?

Expect God to be your ‘the one’, cause when you put your expectation into a human, you’ll only put a burden on your partner. Then, you'll be disappointed. Then, you'll never be in a healthy relationship. There is no one can complete you and satisfy you other than God. He is the one.

Then, when you make your God become ‘the one’ of your life, you will treat your partner better. You will be able to love, to forgive, to treat your partner with grace, because you’ve experienced it in God.

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