Tuesday, February 21, 2017

umbrella, anyone?

sometimes the greatest kind of love lies in the simplest kind of act.

I was standing under a shade in a parking lot across a hospital. It was raining, and I was cursing quietly because it started pouring before I could reach the hospital. I had an umbrella, but still, the idea of crossing the street in such a heavy rain ruined my mood. And oh, don’t forget the puddles and splish-splashes that caused by the passing cars.

“Anyone want to cross the street?” A voice of a woman interrupted my excessive thoughts.

I turned my head to look to who’s talking. A woman in her mid 40’s was standing with a bright blue umbrella. She smiled. Offering to share her umbrella once again.

I looked around; there were some people who were sharing the same shelter with me. Some of them didn’t bring their umbrella with them, but they shook their head politely. Some of them—maybe as stunned as I am, were just glaring at the woman.

“She is the CEO,” my friend who was standing beside me whispered.

“CEO?” I repeated.

“Anyone? I still have some space under my umbrella that we can share,” The woman asked for one more time until she’s sure that no one wanted to cross the street with her.

“CEO of the hospital,” she nodded towards the huge building that stands tall across the street.

“Really?” I stared at her back.


It was somehow warmed your heart on that cold weather.

I looked at my own umbrella in my hand. How on earth that it never cross my mind to share my umbrella to a stranger who wants to cross a street. Such a simple kindness that can makes someone’s day.

But maybe it’s just a human thing; how we usually forget that sometimes the greatest kind of love lies in the simplest kind of act.


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