Saturday, February 4, 2017

do you miss God as much as you miss your phone?

I believe that people nowadays rarely forget to bring her/his phone. Back then, when the first hand phone was introduced, it was common for someone to left her/his phone at home. They’re not used to bring their phone anywhere. But then, time flies, technology advances, people change, and here we are, standing on the earth where smartphones are human’s best friends.

It is like a pair of glasses for those who needed.
A second skin.
A comfort zone.
We lost ourselves when it is not around.

Sad, isn’t it?

Do you seek your God habitually, like you seek your phone?
Do you chat to God as eager as you chat your friends for the latest updates?
Do you tell God your story today as often as you update your Snapchat or Instastory?
Do you read bible—or scroll through your e-bible, as much as you scroll down your Instagram feed?
Do you love your God more than you ‘love’ your friends’ posts?
Do you still pray to God because you long for him, or do you do it out of routine, or even worse—does it take a lot of effort to do it?
Do you check in places a lot instead of check on God?
Do you?

Do you?

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