Sunday, August 21, 2016

Details, details

When I was a kid I used to play this counting flags game with my sister. It was always on August when all of the Indonesian put out their flags in front of their house. Every weekend on August, when our parents took us out by car, we would sit near the window, counting every red and white flag we saw. The rule is simple, you can’t count the flag that already counted by your opponent, and when we arrived at our destination, whoever counted the most, win.

It was pretty fun back then, paying extra attention to every corner of the street we passed—trying to find a flag that our opponent wouldn’t notice. I don’t remember when it was ended, when my sister and I just stop counting the flags every year. When our focus shifted from the small corner of the road to the bigger picture itself—our destination. Pretty much just like our life I think. As we grow up, we might stop paying attention to every little details. As we grow bigger, the details seemed so much smaller, a little bit more unimportant, and we start to see the just the big picture.

There is nothing wrong with seeing the big picture, I believe. It is indeed important to see everything—anything, in as much as possible angle we can. But may us not forget that the details—undeniably, are important too. Because, there are tiny pixels that make a photograph seems stunning. Because, most of the time, it is the journey—not the destination, which makes a trip worthwhile.

Details, my friend, details :)

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