Monday, February 9, 2015


Every little girl loves her long hair. It makes her feel like a princess. I remember when I was little; my mother took me to cut my hair, and I came home crying because the stylist cut my hair a little too short. Several days ago, I took my little sister to cut her hair. She had this thick and very long hair she loves very much, so she only want to cut it a little to make it neat. Alas, the hair stylist made it too short for her. It is not that short actually, any person will call it long hair, but my sister was used to with her super long hair so she felt that her hair is too short now. She almost cried. She told me that she wouldn’t cut her hair for a very long time. It remained me to the little me back then.

She was sad and disappointed, but hours later, when we got back home, she started to look at the mirror frequently. She looked happy when she saw her reflection with her new hairstyle. Then, she began to ask me to do a selfie with her. I smiled. At least, she began to think that she was prettier.

Doesn’t this kind of thing resemble us as a Christian? We live, and develop some habits; some of it may lead us to sin. Then when God ask us to trim it, we get insecure. We feel something is missing. We aren’t used to live without our bad habit or our sin. We used to hide behind it. But as the time goes by, we slowly realize that living without those sins are much… lighter. We begin to love it. It makes us feels prettier.

The bad habits or sins may come back. Trap us again and again. But there is always time for God to cut it. Making us feel uncomfortable through the whole process. We may cry, get mad, disappointed, or even… give up. But hey, there is no gain without pain. Just like every woman willing to suffer a little to make her more beautiful, the same thing goes for us, the Christian. It would hurt a little bit, but you’ll look prettier. Pretty soon.

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