Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Dear you, I can't make you my everything

Dear you,

Before our relationship goes any further, I want to apologize that I can’t make our relationship like an ordinary one. The spark dies and I can’t make you my everything nor the one and only in my heart. Because when I do that I know our relationship will collapse, sinking like an old rusty boat.

I can’t promise to love you completely and perfectly. Because I know I will disappoint you, and I may fail you. And when I love you with all of me I know it won’t work. Because it will just drain the two of us into the emptiness.

I’m sorry I can’t make you the only one love of my life. Because there is someone I have to treasure more than you. There is someone I love and adore more than anyone else.

But there are these things I can promise you. I will learn to love my God wholeheartedly. I will learn to be a Godly woman who make Him the center of my life. And by these I hope, I can love you well, I can love you more. I promise to put you after Him, and I promise you, it will make us feel content. I want to spent the rest of my life with you, but first, I have to give the rest of my heart to Him. I hope you don’t have any objection on this.

I love you

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