Saturday, December 28, 2013

To all heroes

What does make a person a great hero? A special ability? A super cool suit? A great villain? When I was a kid, a hero for me is someone who saves the world. Somebody like power ranger.

Then as I went to school, everybody said that a hero is someone who does a noble thing. Someone like teacher. And I start to believe so. A teacher is a hero.

As I grow up and start to see the world in a quite different perspective, I realize that a hero comes in an unexpected form too. Like in a form of an old lady who wakes up very early in the morning to sell food in your canteen. Or someone who do your chores to make a living.

But then, as I know some people deeper. I start to think that they can be hero too—that they deserve to be called a hero. When you know someone a little bit deeper, you can tell that there is a hero inside everyone. There is a hero inside your best friend whom you talk to everyday. There is a hero inside someone you dislike. There is a hero inside someone you can’t understand. There is a hero inside someone who you think is an outcast. There is a hero inside you. A hero doesn't have to come with an uber cool suit or with a great knack. In fact, a hero can come in any suit, in many forms. An it comes in a form of you too J

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