Saturday, April 2, 2011

I Want to Believe

I really want to believe that this isn’t a goodbye
That this is just a moment when we have to say ‘see you later’ to each other
That this is just like time when we have to be apart after school
and we’ll meet again in the next morning
Only this time, we don’t know when or where it is…
I want to believe that someday, somewhere, we’ll meet each other
In the way that we even can’t imagine
We will share our stories of life
We will sit together and laugh as we look back into this time
Smile to each other, and for a second we can say that nothing has changed
That thing is exactly the same as today
Yes, we being pulled into different directions
Everyone has to take their own way in this crossroads
I want to believe that whatever directions that we have chosen will take us to the same destination
I want to believe that we can be together forever
Living our bitter sweet life as one family

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