Saturday, April 30, 2011


This crime series drives me crazy. I love this series since the first time I watch it. The seventh season is aired now, and it makes me skip Provocative Proactive- my favorite TV Show, every Thursday night. Somehow, I can’t stop watching it and always want more.

The casts are great, and I always want to be one of them. They pictured their bond as a team so well. I can’t choose my favorite character in this series, because I love them all! I like Sid, a medical examiner with his unique glasses; Danny when he says his ‘BOOM’; Mac with his integrity; Adam who usually nervous around authority figures; Don Flack a homicide detective who usually chasing the culprit on the street; dr. Sheldon Hawkes a doctor who work at the crime scene (to be honest, I want to do his job so much!); and of course, the brave and strong Lindsay. Too bad that Melina Kanakaredes, can’t play in season 7, I like her playing Stella a lot. But, Sela Ward who takes her place isn’t bad though. In fact, her character as Jo Danville is so strong. At the first time, I think no one can replace Stella as Mac’s partner, but after I saw her, I think she is the best replacement they can have.

What’s good about this series, it doesn’t just give you story about crime, but sometimes there are something to be learnt. I always like it, when a movie or film can deliver one or some life lessons to the audience. It means that it worth to watch.

Well, hope that this series will last forever ;D Never get bored of it!

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