Thursday, June 16, 2016

the forgotten happiness

A month ago I decided to watch a movie with a friend. We went to a cinema, but because the schedule didn’t suit our time, we decided to cancel it. Since we’ve already at the mall and we had nothing to do because our original plan is to watch the movie, we decided to stop by at a game arcade to kill our time.

I remember when I was a kid, the game arcade is one of the most crowded place on weekend. It’s like all family, all couples—young and old, kids, teenagers, and adults, they were ready to packed themselves at that place. But now, it’s barely empty. The game arcade is now just a forgotten place.

It struck me on my mind, that we might have loss a lot of things. Like the forgotten game arcade, we forget so many things in our life. We forget the joy of waiting. I remember the moment when I was standing in the line with my sisters—waiting for our turn to play the game. How we commented the person who was playing—said that we can do better, then when it was our turn, it was really exciting. We tried to score the best and earned as many as tickets.

The tickets.

Back then when the tickets hadn’t change to the virtual form, they were so precious. I remember when we collected them every time we played, then one day, when we thought they were quiet a lot, we would took the tickets to exchange them with goods. Dolls, trinkets, notebooks, pencil case, we tried to share so everyone will get what they wanted. It was really delightful. Even a tiny eraser or a small hairpin felt so precious back then when it came from the tickets exchange. It was a result of hard work of an eight-year-old girl, and she savored it so much.

Look how much we’ve forgotten in these super speedy days. We forget the art of waiting—the joy of taking a little at a time. The joy of sharing your hard work. The pleasure to cherish every tiny bits of your effort.

It’s just like the ticket that is changed to the virtual form; I think our happiness nowadays is also based on virtual thing. Like how many likes you get on Instagram, how many loves you get on Path, and they ridiculously affect our happiness. Doesn’t it a little bit sad?

Embrace your moment. Savor every minute you spend with your love one. Laugh hard. Forget the flat screen on your hand. Talk a lot. Share the joy. Make some memories. Live the moment, not the ‘likes’ from other people.

And don't forget. Be happy :)

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