Wednesday, April 8, 2015

how you fall in love

Remember the first time you met her, how did you feel? Remember the first time you talked to him, did you have any idea that both of you can be together? Remember when you said you love her. Remember when you said ‘yes’ to him. How did you feel? Then it goes to your first date, first time you held her hand, first time he kissed your forehead, and all of those elating first time you shared together. Her laugh, his smile, her voice whispering in your ear, his arm around your waist, and both of you are so deeply, deeply in love.

Then come those moments. When all the happy-ecstatic days slowly gone, replaced by the arguments. Then you start to know each other better, his habits that frustrate you, her traits that irritate you, those other things you have to live with forever. But, it doesn’t just stop there. As the days come and go, you’ll realize that the pasts are still haunting, may be just sometimes, or it might be more often than you think. You’ll see that it’s not easy to just left what you’ve been through—who you’ve been in love with, behind. There is your past, and there is her past. You might be not his first, and he might not be your first. And you start to question yourself and doubt her, or him. Will it work this time?

But, for one split second will you rewind those moments with the one you’re with right now? Will you see through those times when all the ‘first time’ happened? How did you fall in love? How you think that she will be your last. How you fight for it and do everything to win her heart. How you afraid to see her cry. How you don’t want to break his heart. It all starts with the word ‘LOVE’, and all the choices that come after it are yours.

How do you want to stay in love?

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