Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Maybe happiness is a verb.

Give a lollypop to the five-year-old me and I will give you my best smile. Grinning from ear to ear, showing my lollypop to whomever I met.

But as I grow up, I realize that happiness isn’t about getting what you want. It is not about buying the latest dress in store or getting the highest score in class. It is not about eating a good food at a good restaurant. It is not about having a boyfriend. It is not even about you.

It was one day when I sat on my class, smiling by myself for nearly perfect score I got. Then I saw my best friend, the look at her face told me that she was disappointed with her result. Then, it didn’t take a long time to draw all of my happiness to a critical level. How could you be happy if your best friend wasn’t?

Then it was another day, when a friend of mine asked me to do a favor for her. It took a lot of my time, and to be honest, I did question my reason to help her. She gave me nothing in return. Then, after days of sacrificing my me-time, the job was done. She screamed out of joy, and for no reason—to able to put such a smile on her face, made me happy.

Here is an interesting thing about happiness. It best served when it’s shared. You won’t be happy happy if you happy by yourself.  And I think, the highest level of happiness is when you see someone you care about—someone you love to be happy.

That’s happiness.

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