Friday, August 5, 2011


When I was a kid, my piano teacher told me to play piano every day. “No matter how short of time you have, you must touch it. That way you can connect to the piano and play it well”. I can tell you that it is a useful advice. Whenever I practice in a whole week, and my teacher comes to evaluate me, I can play my pieces well. But when I am not practicing just for a few days, I can feel that I lose that connection with my piano even if it is just a little. Practicing everyday make me familiar to every key on my piano. It’s like I know it so well so I can bond with it and make the melodies work.
I think our relationship with God is pretty much like it.
When we constantly communicate with Him through prayers, we become familiar with His voice.
We get intimate with Him and recognize His will easily. On the other hand, people who have the ‘on-off’ relationship with God can barely understand Him. They are not familiar with His voice and surely face difficulties to listen. So, get intimate with Him!

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